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    The View From the End of the World by Sean Williams

      Attention all passengers – this is your Captain speaking!

      If you have been watching the news, you will know that the people of Earth are
      currently suffering through a pandemic known as “COVID-19.” For those of you
      who are not students of history, various worlds have experienced similar pandemics
      in the past such as the “Clone-Killing Nanovirus,’’ the “Great Plague of Middle
      Earth,” the “Shame” …

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      ASM #77

        Issue #77 of Andromeda Spaceways Magazine out now!

        Just in time for the new year, due to time dilation and so forth, we’re launching issue 77! We have dodo heists, Santa’s elves, ruined cities and cities that defy ruin. We have desperate protests and attempts to embrace the end, as well as abandoned colonies and junkyard extortion…

        Due to significant craft upgrades, …

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        2018’s Best Stories

        This is a special print-only edition. Only a limited number will be printed.

        For ease of shipping, you can only purchase up to two copies at a time. If you are not in the United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand or Australia then please contact us at


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        ASM #76

        Issue #76 of Andromeda Spaceways Magazine out now!


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        ASM #75

        Issue #75 of Andromeda Spaceways Magazine out now!

        If you’ve got close family, let them know you love them… because they probably won’t hear from you for a week or so as you soar through #75. But don’t forget about them. Family, despite the drama that may come with them, provides you with the engine core to your ship. Without it, …

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        ASM #74

        Issue #74 of Andromeda Spaceways Magazine out now!

        Welcome back aboard Andromeda Spaceways. I’m Amy—your captain for our ship’s 74th journey into the world of speculative fiction. Please make sure your safety harnesses are fastened and your seats are in the upright position. Oh, and don’t worry about not hearing anything over the engines—all this information is being beamed directly into …

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        ASM #73

        Issue #73 of Andromeda Spaceways Magazine out now!

        Welcome travellers! Sometimes the world’s bleakness sneaks up on you, and you really need to take a break with some lighter fare. And sometimes you just want to know what that whistling sound is and why the cabin pressure seems to be dropping. In this end-of-year issue we are offering mostly entertaining snacks, …

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        ASIM #62

        Andromeda Spaceways is proud to announce the arrival of issue #62 of our Inflight Magazine. We’ve got a fantastic selection of stories that include talking dogs, genies, football-loving leprechauns, sunken treasure, ice-planets and much more including an interview with Australian author Isobelle Carmody! So run to the docking bay to get your copy!

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        ASM #72

        Issue #72 of Andromeda Spaceways Magazine out now!

        Imagine you suddenly find yourself in charge of a country. How far does your sense of duty stretch? In Gunfire, Gas and Ruin, an acting Prime Minister finds her allegiance tested as she puts her life on the line for a small group of citizens. Duty of another kind is put to the …

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        ASM #71

        Issue #71 of Andromeda Spaceways Magazine out now!

        This issue of ASM will have you looking over your shoulder. You’ll be dropped right in the middle of a century-wide conflict, where nothing is as it seems.
        Take a trip through the stars with a protagonist unsure of anything or set one of your parallel selves up for failure.
        Find out what happens when …

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        ASM #70

        Issue #70 of Andromeda Spaceways Magazine out now!

        Welcome aboard, voyagers. Sit back, fasten your seat belts, your odyssey awaits. This issue of ASM catapults you to a horde of ghost stories, satanic verses, time travel with dead musos and fairy tales with a twist. Yes, there are AI babies frolicking in their cots, as other tots drift fatherless in starlight. …

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        ASM #69

        Issue #69 of Andromeda Spaceways Magazine out now!

        Welcome aboard again, frequent flyers! This issue we’re cutting a wide swathe through speculative fiction, and riding a rollercoaster of emotion. Destination: the cold black hole in your chest. Explore childhood Attached Entities, learn how to travel with umbrellas, trap your troubles once and for all, and come explore the rich inner life …

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        ASM #68

        Issue #68 of Andromeda Spaceways Magazine offers thoughtful and quirky stories that will give you a chuckle, but also make you think. You’ll experience some familiar tropes, but never quite what you’d expect.

        The Case of the Discounted Death combines Raymond Chandler with George Romero to give you a quite unexpected shopping experience. Then there is poor little Red Riding Hood …

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        ASM #67

        Issue #67 of Andromeda Spaceways Magazine

        We have quite a trip lined up for this voyage of Andromeda Spaceways. The editors have battled, bargained and bartered their way to a superb selection.

        Discover open tombs and buried treasure in our New Writers Unearthed section, where we shed light on the Garcia Sisters and their debut series, The Night Owl Chronicles.

        View our dissecting …

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        ASM #66

        Issue #66 of Andromeda Spaceways Magazine is a feast of delights for your mind. Read the humorous story The Spectre in the Wardrobe to learn how an innocent landowner reacts to a ghost in his new home with the support of his caretaker, his caretaker’s wife and plenty of tea. The Banksia Boy evokes the way it feels to be …

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        ASM #65

        Out here, on the galactic rim, we’ve left the zombie apocalypse far behind, we’ve put our monsters out for the night, and now we have time for stories. We always need time for stories. They throw a light on our minds and make the dark less dark. Plus, they make us laugh.

        Here’s just some of what to expect:

        Merzy Doates has …