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    ASIM #63

    ASIM #63 opens with a future where mining is still dangerous, but where sacrifice is not forgotten. Spindle offers a glimpse of life where some things never really change, even if you are orbiting a gas giant.

    Fourteen seconds may not seem long, but a lot can happen, especially when you regularly teleport to work and a girl is involved.

    Trevor Jess’ …

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    ASIM #25

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    ASIM #60

    Edited by Sue Bursztynski, ASIM #60 includes strange new worlds, vampires, mythology, black holes, first contact and Mars. There’s something here for everyone: science fiction, fantasy and horror, from the seriously thoughtful to the whimsical to the laugh-out-loud funny.

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    ASIM #61

    ASIM #61 has arrived on the launch pad, packed with fiction, poetry and nonfic from David Barber, Mark Bondurant, Fred Coppersmith, A J Fitzwater, Kim Gaal, Sinthia J Higgen-Bottom, Kathleen Jennings, Ambelin Kwaymullina, Rich Larson, Sean Monaghan, Charlotte Nash, Patrice Sarath, George S Walker, and Sean Williams.