ASM #88



Tom Dullemond

Fiction & Poetry

And Then, the Glide
W J Tattersdill

A Binding to Set You Free
Răzvan-Gabriel Popa

The Broken Carousel
Helena O’Connor

The Economics of Death (Poetry)
Nnadi Samuel

The Bloody Mary Coup
Aaron Nobes

Her Last Term
Calie Voorhis

Dermographia (Poetry)
Colleen Anderson

Never Be Missed
Nyx Kain

Renovation Makeover
Michael Gardner

Moonshot Projects
Lucy Zhang

Go-slow on the axis of Neverland (Poetry)
Sophia N Ashley

Joel Green


The Book Eaters (Sunyi Dean)
Reviewed by Jessica Nelson-Tyers

Every Version of You (Grace Chan)
Reviewed by Justin Hickey

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Speculative fiction stories, poems, interviews, and reviews for your reading pleasure in Issue #88 of Andromeda Spaceways Magazine! Grab your issue in either:

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