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The View From the End of the World by Sean Williams

    Attention all passengers – this is your Captain speaking!

    If you have been watching the news, you will know that the people of Earth are
    currently suffering through a pandemic known as “COVID-19.” For those of you
    who are not students of history, various worlds have experienced similar pandemics
    in the past such as the “Clone-Killing Nanovirus,’’ the “Great Plague of Middle
    Earth,” the “Shame” …


    ASM #77

      Issue #77 of Andromeda Spaceways Magazine out now!

      Just in time for the new year, due to time dilation and so forth, we’re launching issue 77! We have dodo heists, Santa’s elves, ruined cities and cities that defy ruin. We have desperate protests and attempts to embrace the end, as well as abandoned colonies and junkyard extortion…

      Due to significant craft upgrades, …


      2018’s Best Stories

      This is a special print-only edition. Only a limited number will be printed.

      For ease of shipping, you can only purchase up to two copies at a time. If you are not in the United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand or Australia then please contact us at asimeditor@gmail.com



      ASM #76

      Issue #76 of Andromeda Spaceways Magazine out now!


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