Andromeda Spaceways Magazine (ASM) is an Australian speculative fiction magazine featuring short stories, poetry, interviews, and reviews. The magazine is published quarterly in digital formats, and a special print-only anthology of best stories is compiled annually.

ASM currently offers the following opportunities for advertising:

  • On the ASM website

The ASM website is visited by roughly 800 to 1,500 unique users per month, totalling between 1,000 and 2,000 sessions per month. The top three countries from which users access the website are the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom. Most users access the ASM website via a desktop or laptop.

Rates and Specifications


Website ads run on a month-to-month schedule. All prices are in Australian dollars. We require an image and a URL to link to the advertised product/service/webpage.

This ad position appears on every page (except product pages) at the side of content on desktops and some tablets, scrolling down with the website visitor. On mobile devices/smaller screens, the ad position moves to the end of the page content.

  • Price: $75 per month
  • Dimensions (pixels): 225 x 335 max
  • File format: JPG
  • Size: 150kb max

This ad position appears on every page in the footer and is larger than the sidebar ad (depending on the size of the supplied image).

  • Price: $60 per month
  • Dimensions (pixels): 350 x 520 max
  • File format: JPG
  • Size: 200kb max



  1. Please use the Contact Form to ask about available advertising slots. In the “Send to” field, pick “Advertising”.
  2. Discuss your advertising needs with the responding ASM representative.
  3. Once given the go-ahead, submit payment via the heading “Payment” below.
  4. Email the ASM representative your advertising materials:
    • High-quality cover image according to the specifications mentioned in the dropdown menus above.
    • A retailer link (or Books2Read link).
    • The book’s title and author name(s).
    • The month your add will appear.
    • Quote the payment invoice number.


If you have discussed your advertising options with an ASM representative, please click the image or button below to pay for your advertising slots.


ASM will refund your payment under the following circumstances:

  • You decide not to advertise with us before the month your ad is scheduled to appear.
  • An unexpected event shuts down the website. An alien invasion does not count—they may want to buy your book!


All advertising is subject to our approval. ASM reserves the right not to publish material that contravenes the standards upheld by the magazine. The advertiser assumes all liability for their advertising material and all responsibility for any claims made against ASM resulting from their ad.


If you would like to advertise with ASM or have any questions regarding advertising, please use the Contact Form.