ASM #67


Issue #67 of Andromeda Spaceways Magazine

We have quite a trip lined up for this voyage of Andromeda Spaceways. The editors have battled, bargained and bartered their way to a superb selection.

Discover open tombs and buried treasure in our New Writers Unearthed section, where we shed light on the Garcia Sisters and their debut series, The Night Owl Chronicles.

View our dissecting rooms, where our fine reviewers take a scalpel to some literature. Prepare for alien worlds, flutters in time and dimension, curses, monstrosities and dystopias.

Shudder at the contents of a jar in Danielle Shelton’s Polyp smile at the antics of water monkeys as you read our cover story, In Their Image and explore the meaning of hope in A Million Distant Suns.

Get ready for the journey of a lifetime.

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Snap shots are permitted as you view the expanse of the Andromeda Galaxy, but digital only, please. For reasons of space-time security, Polaroids are strictly prohibited on this journey. Flick through photo albums in Edd Vick’s Polaroid Land, but don’t forget to smile for the camera.

As we pull into the inter-galactic drive-through, please order only clear liquids and down them quickly. After you experience Polypby nightmare writer Danielle Shelton, you won’t be eating for a while.

Settle into your cabins for the night with Nicholas Stella’s Shift 57. Do not be alarmed at sensations of nausea, lurching, or despair. Do not open your door until the buzzer sounds. We promise all passengers will be returned to the current dimension by morning.

Grab your scuba gear and take a swim with the water monkeys that live within the waters of the tropical island of Calla Pecos in In Their Image, by Chris Nelson. Careful, the males are a little feisty.

Your grandmothers will join you for breakfast in the mess hall, where a basket of goodies will be served by our friendly on-board androids. Are their eyes too big? Wonder, in She Needed Only to See the Teeth, by Leslie J. Anderson.

Cosy up as you make your bed on the burning steel of the railroad tracks in the magical, yet mysterious, world of Tied to the Tracks, by George S. Walker. Move slowly as you make your preparations. Time doesn’t behave the same as you may be accustomed to, although your hibernation chambers can familiarise you to the feeling in Module 6.

Do your stretches as you prepare for an exhausting competition of endurance in Dr Kytos and the Lightning Box, by D J Daniels. There’ll be one of the many Ida bots to assist you with any troubles you may experience.

We respect the privacy of all our Andromeda Spaceways passengers. Keep in mind that even where there are no cameras installed, someone may be watching. Read Our Curators, by M C Childs, to find out whom.

Survive long enough to see the stars in A Million Distant Suns, by Chris Walker, but watch your step as you exit the airlock: there’s bound to be a patrol of guards examining your every move.

Look there! A crop is blooming outside the intricate walls of Erryn’s Keep, the prosperous castle that burrows within Harrow and Harvest, by Gretchen Tessmer. Stay alert; there’s no knowing what spell you’ll be getting yourself involved with.

In case of emergency, the exits will suck you out into the cold, empty space. Feeling trapped? Strap on some rocket boots and check out Maddison Stoff’s hauntingly awesome cyberpunk story, No Way Out.

As we begin our virtually driven descent to the surface of our final destination, keep your eyes open for any Teckreet in Storm Humbert’s Wet Blood and Garnet Stones. Your nearest Gaian can take any reports of suspicious activity. Enjoy your vacation along the Dassian Sound!

As you journey into the sunset, beware not to stumble into any open tombs. Eugen Bacon, who has been digging for new writers in our New Writers Unearthed section, will shed light on the Garcia Sisters and their debut series, The Night Owl Chronicles.