ASM #89



Joel Schanke

Fiction & Poetry

Hunting Rabbits
Tara East

The Long Way Through the Mountains
Perrin Lu

Long Ago and Farther Away
Victoria Navarra

The Organ Farmer
William John Wither

Three Worlds to Glory
Robert Jimenez

The Path With No Beginning and No End
Maria Z Medina

The Very Many Princes
Redfern Jon Barrett

Negative Stars
Scott Steensma

The Timon Witch
Robert K Pearcey

Christmas Shopper
Rudy Kremberg


To Catch a Moon—Rym Kechacha

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Speculative fiction stories, poems, interviews, and reviews for your reading pleasure in Issue #89 of Andromeda Spaceways Magazine! Grab your issue in either:

  • EPUB file format for iPad and Sony Reader
  • MOBI format for Kindle*
  • PDF format.

*EPUB and MOBI are compressed as .zip files and will need to be unzipped.

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