ASM #86



Jessica Nelson-Tyers & Shelly Nir

Fiction & Poetry

Suzanne Halmi

Eli Snow

An Urgent Message
Emil Čolić

The Wren, the Baba Yaga, and the Origami Horse
TJ Berg

One-Way Ticket
Rebecca Fletcher

The Veil
Olivia Hamilton

Acuity Score: High
Brian D Hinson

Seasons on an Alien World
Peter Sahui

The Singularity Will Not Be Televised
Stephen Patschke

Tastes Like Home
Kiera Lesley

Writers Unearthed Interview

Writers Unearthed: Kiera Lesley
Nick Marone


Mage of Fools (Eugen Bacon)
Reviewed by Justin Hickey

The Rarkyn’s Familiar (Nikky Lee)
Reviewed by Ellie Manning

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Speculative fiction stories, poems, interviews, and reviews for your reading pleasure in Issue #86 of Andromeda Spaceways Magazine! Grab your issue in either:

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