ASM #87



Tom Dullemond

Fiction & Poetry

A Language Older than Ears
Gregor Hartmann

Lee Twizel

Sweat, Blood, and Tears
Andisha Sabri Carey

White Tulip
Claire Scherzinger

Heart of Grass
Mattia Ravasi

Unnamed Poem (Poetry)
Rusty Demick

Maggie Slater

Switching Sides
Elizabeth Guilt

Large Mammals of the American Southwest
James Cato and David Vonderheide

Arm Warmers for the Elder God, Quantity: 66
Emmie Christie

Pearl Saudade & Hanna Ire Kiss the World Goodbye
Sarah McGill

Writers Unearthed Interview

Writers Unearthed: Grace Chan (Pt. 2)
Nick Marone


Satellites (Tom Pappalardo)
Reviewed by Justin Hickey

Out of the Darkness (edited by Dan Coxon)
Reviewed by Tim Conder

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Speculative fiction stories, poems, interviews, and reviews for your reading pleasure in Issue #87 of Andromeda Spaceways Magazine! Grab your issue in either:

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