ASM #84


Issue #84 asks the question: What is it to be human? Connections to others? Or is it more than that? To answer this question—and many more—grab yourself a bottle of stuff brewed from an ethanol planet, sit back and talk philosophy with an ancient Sumerian deity, and enjoy the end of the world from above the clouds—or on the ground, with various versions of you running around as well.


Joel Schanke

Fiction & Poetry

Burning Bright
S E Zeller

Last Edition
Sam Barrows

To Be Frank
Joel Green

Teresa Milbrodt

Eternal Youth
Matthew Chamberlin

Seven Gates
Simon Brown

The Love-Song of the Mad Minstrel
Shelly Nir

Diamonds are a Space Miner’s Best Friend
Jeff Reynolds

Healing Stone
MP Ericson

The Hurricane Embedded
Eric Shepherd

Writers Unearthed Interview

Writers Unearthed: Nikky Lee
Jessica Nelson-Tyers


Gigantic (Ashley Stokes)
Reviewed by Justin Hickey

Ten Low (Stark Holborn)
Reviewed by DC White

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