ASM #83



Nick Marone

Fiction & Poetry

I Love You, Mother
James Rumpel

None Left Behind
Richard Harris

An Abbreviated List of Grievances Filed During the 2022 Annual Roswell vs. Area 51 Interinstitutional Paintball Tournament
Kai Hudson

More Real than Real
Greta Hayer

The Dream-reader
Ruth Gilbert

Final Correspondences from a Dying Planet
Brittany J Smith

Kepler’s New Moon
M C Childs

The Scar at the End of the World
Dimitra Nikolaidou

Tom Stacey

Commuted Sentence
Joshua Grasso

Writers Unearthed Interview

Writers Unearthed: Grace Chan
Jessica Nelson-Tyers


Project Hail Mary (Andy Weir)
Justin Hickey

Big Red (Damien Larkin)
DC White

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