ASM #72


Issue #72 of Andromeda Spaceways Magazine out now!

Imagine you suddenly find yourself in charge of a country. How far does your sense of duty stretch? In Gunfire, Gas and Ruin, an acting Prime Minister finds her allegiance tested as she puts her life on the line for a small group of citizens. Duty of another kind is put to the test in Siren Song, as an acting Chief of Police guards the first merperson ever brought to trial.

Travel to the afterworld with a team of colleagues to find the Dalai Lama. Sometimes what you see in people is exactly what you get, but then again, your workmates may surprise you. Ponder the annoying coworker, forced retirement and the meaning of life in Retirement? Over My Deactivated Circuits. Have you ever wondered what robots do for fun once they’ve clocked off from their production lines for the day? Find out and define allegiance to your Home Team, then settle back to watch the game with fans that might just become new friends.

And lots, lots more…

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