ASM #71


Issue #71 of Andromeda Spaceways Magazine out now!

This issue of ASM will have you looking over your shoulder. You’ll be dropped right in the middle of a century-wide conflict, where nothing is as it seems.
Take a trip through the stars with a protagonist unsure of anything or set one of your parallel selves up for failure.
Find out what happens when the windmills of Kansas use the wind for more than just power. But even evil robotic life forms have a set recipe you can follow.
Watch out for a world run by hatred and inequality, like water being poured into a cup and left to spill over the brim. Or use the amulet of a young mill worker to escape from your harsh reality.
How far would you go to save the life of your daughter? Would you sacrifice your own morality? Don’t let those with Skills trick you.
Find comfort in the fact that nobody is perfect, that everybody makes mistakes. Whether you’re an aspiring shaman, or a bookkeeper trying to be a bookseller! Look upwards and catch a glimpse at the stars; oh, how they light the way.

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