ASM #79


No matter where you are reading about love, you can almost always find something to relate with, to inspire you, or to entertain you, as you will find in this issue. Though each work contains differing themes, the blanketed concept of love is apparent and involves a complexity that can only be found in pieces where their authors have taken great care to convey an important message.

Catch a glimpse at sentience beyond our understanding at a society that uses their people for the sake of scientific progress; at a work-bot with more than just gears and gizmos underneath their hard exterior; at a superhero having one bad day, and the villain that would do anything to tick her off; at a phenomenon where people take on the traits of ex-lovers; and so much more.

Don’t forget to take yourself to the nonfiction hub of the ship, where reviews for titles such as House of Earth and Blood—Sarah J Maas’ first book in her “Crescent City” series—and interviews with Pamela Jeffs and Nick Marone await you.

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