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Andromeda Spaceways uses the Australian Macquarie Dictionary. While some leeway is given to country-based spelling and style, each work submitted should be consistent.

Proofread your work. While we are all well aware that typos happen, you should still take every effort to make sure that your submission is as typo-free as you can manage. If it looks like you haven’t taken the time to do even a basic spell-check, your manuscript will not be well received.


None of us here at Andromeda Spaceways are Grammar Nazis. Nobody is going to get bent out of shape over a split infinitive or dangling participle provided the story is good. However, there are some things that drive even the most mild-mannered editor to distraction, and chief among these is the incorrect use of homonyms: explicitly, it’s/its, there/their/they’re, and your/you’re. Get it right!

Check out the following links if you need help:

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