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Otherwise known as ‘Rich Text Format’, this is a standard file format designed for passing documents between different word processors. All word processors written in the last 10-15 years support RTF, pretty much regardless of the platform. They tend to be more compact than the equivalent Microsoft Word DOC and they do not hide things like viruses etc.

Creating a Rich Text Document is quite straightforward: (the following instructions are for Microsoft Word, but should apply to most word processors.)

  1. From your “File” menu, select ‘Save As’
  2. At the bottom of the dialogue box that comes up, just below the name of the file to save, is a box labeled: ‘Format’. On the list will almost certainly be a format entitled: ‘Rich Text Format’
  3. Select it, and save
    Your file will then have an extension of ‘.rtf’ (ie: mystory.rtf)
  4. Head over to our submissions engine and upload your story!

Attach the file to this message and send it!

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