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Keep your file clear of any extraneous formatting. Please follow these basic guidelines:

  • Use a standard 12 pt font Times New Roman, Helvetica or Arial.
  • Paragraphs should be left justified, double-spaced, with a first line indent of 5mm. Do not indent using spaces or tabs.
  • Page numbers are not required.
  • Section breaks should be indicated using * * * centred with a return above and below.
  • Use italics (not underline) to give emphasis, indicate thought (not speech), book titles etc.
  • Use double apostrophes for speech and quotations. Quotations within speech should be indicated using a single apostrophe.
  • Use the em dash without spaces, not a hyphen.
  • Use the elipsis character not three full stops …
  • A single space after a full stop is preferred.
  • Use paragraph returns , not line breaks.
  • Do not include any web links or URLS in your submission.
  • Do not include any personal information (name/pen name) in your manuscript.
  • If you are using MS Word to create your RTF file, ensure that you have only the above fonts throughout the entire document and that you’re using the office Theme (Design Menu)
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