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  • 1. I've submitted using your form but it hangs

    This is usually caused by punctuation characters in your filename.  WordPress either does not submit your uploaded file with the form or it hangs.  Please ensure that your filename only contains letters, numbers, spaces and full stops.

  • 2. I tried to submit but the file is too big

    This usually occurs because you've saved the RTF from MS word and it's included unnecessary formatting information, like fonts and themes. in MS Word, before saving, do the following

    • Ensure that you only use fonts listed in the Formatting and Submission Guidelines under "1. What text formatting conventions should I use?". The font may be used for a space so you might not be able to see where it is used. To ensure you've got everything covered, CTRL-A to select everything and select the font.
    • Make sure you aren't using any large and complex themes. Under the Design menu select "Office" from the Themes drop down in the top left corner.