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  • 1. What file format should my submission be in?
    • If you're submitting a story or poem, please use .rtf format rather than plain text.
      The submissions editor finds them easier to manipulate and prefers to see the things like italics presented as the author intended, rather than the makeshifts required by plain text.
    • If you're sending us sample artwork then save your files in .jpg, jpeg, .gif or .png format.
      Screen resolution should be 96dpi, with a file size of no more than 300kb.
  • 2. What text formatting conventions should I use?

    Keep your file clear of any extraneous formatting. Please follow these basic guidelines:

    • Use a standard 12 pt font—Times New Roman, Helvetica or Arial.
    • Paragraphs should be left justified, double-spaced, with a first line indent of 5-10mm. Do not indent using spaces or tabs.
    • Page numbers are not required.
    • Section breaks should be indicated using * * * centred with a return above and below.
    • Use italics (not underline) to give emphasis, indicate thought (not speech), book titles etc.
    • Use double apostrophes “ for speech and quotations. Quotations within speech should be indicated using a single apostrophe ‘.
    • Use the em dash—without spaces.
    • Use the elipsis character… not three full stops ...
    • A single space after a full stop is preferred.
    • Use paragraph returns , not line breaks ↵.
  • 3. What spelling conventions should I use?

    Andromeda Spaceways uses the Australian Macquarie Dictionary. While some leeway is given to country-based spelling and style, each work submitted should be consistent.

    Poor or inconsistent spelling and formatting will reduce the likelihood that a work will be accepted.

  • 4. What else do I need to know about spelling and grammar?


    Proofread your work.  While we are all well aware that typos happen, you should still take every effort to make sure that your submission is as typo-free as you can manage.  If it looks like you haven’t taken the time to do even a basic spell-check, your manuscript will not be well received. Australia usually conforms to British usage (in theory) but in practice most US spellings are acceptable. We’d rather you didn’t try to use British spelling unless you’re familiar with it, as a half-converted document is hard to deal with.


    None of us here at Andromeda Spaceways are Grammar Nazis*.  Nobody is going to get bent out of shape over a split infinitive or a dangling participle provided the story is good.  However, there are some things that drive even the most mild mannered editor to distraction, and chief among these is the incorrect use of homonyms: explicitly, it’s/its, there/their/they’re, and your/you’re.  Get it right!

    Check out the following links if you need help:

    Common Errors in English

    The American Heritage® Book of English Usage

    alt-usage-english home page might be overkill.

    Ditto on World Wide Words (but it’s a very interesting site)

    Guide to Grammar and Writing

  • 5. Where in the manuscript do I put my personal information?
    • Place your name, address, phone number, email and approximate word count at the top of the document (but nowhere else).
    • Do not include any information (especially your name) in headers or footers.

    All stories submitted go through an initial blind reading process. That means that the stories are sent to our panel of readers with no author information attached. This is why we want the author information in one place where it is easily removed.


  • 6. So what should my final manuscript look like?

    If you've followed our guidelines, your manuscript should look like this:

    Example manuscript