ASM #65 (mobi)


Out here, on the galactic rim, we’ve left the zombie apocalypse far behind, we’ve put our monsters out for the night, and now we have time for stories. We always need time for stories. They throw a light on our minds and make the dark less dark. Plus, they make us laugh.

Here’s just some of what to expect:

“Merzy Doates” has fun with words, a magician who likes to drink, a crowbar, and an evil book.

The title “Cuz Girl, U Know We’re Technocidal” is like a whole story by itself, but if you’ve ever wanted to smash a device in rage then you know what technocidal means.

Chaim, in “The Dybbuk’s Moll” also loves music, he hears it in the rain that makes a rhythm behind the voices talking to him, but he’s blind with love and making some bad choices; maybe he should be listening to the words instead of the rhythms.

“Icaro” shows us some Latin rhythms but, you know, in ballroom dancing you keep your feet on the ground…

The beauty of “Watercress Soup is in the gentle, compassionate response when things go wrong.

“The Dawn of the Darkship shows a generation ship in the dark between galaxies. Out there, where they thought nothing at all existed, or could exist, something is hungry.

“The City of Osman” harks back to Tales of Arabian Nights, with an old man who binds djinn. Some of the djinn are mighty, but it’s the spoilt princess who is really difficult.

“Bygone” takes a look at saying goodbye, and hanging on, and tinkering. Another story without immediate conflict, but an undercurrent of steady, resigned, courage.

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