ASM 61-70 box set + 4 issue Subscription (mobi)



1 x ASIM #61 (mobi)

Issue #61 in mobi format for Kindle (2.7MB download size). This is a zip file which will need to be unzipped.

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1 x ASIM #62 (mobi)

Andromeda Spaceways is proud to announce the arrival of issue #62 of our Inflight Magazine. We've got a fantastic selection of stories that include talking dogs, genies, football-loving leprechauns, sunken treasure, ice-planets and much more—including an interview with Australian author Isobelle Carmody! So run to the docking bay to get your copy!

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1 x ASIM #63 (mobi)

ASIM #63 opens with a future where mining is still dangerous, but where sacrifice is not forgotten. ‘Spindle’ offers a glimpse of life where some things never really change, even if you are orbiting a gas giant. ‘Fourteen seconds’ may not seem long, but a lot can happen, especially when you regularly teleport to work and a girl is involved. Trevor Jess’ first publication, ‘Time Booth’ explores, as he puts it, the question of ‘if people could travel through time just as easily as using a phone booth, what would they use it for?’ Indeed. ‘Teething Problems’ and ‘Out Beyond the Naughty Step’ take the zombie problem a little further, with interesting consequences. Then there is ‘Snap’ where the abuse of power can have devastating consequences. Finally, ‘Lost in Translation’ proves yet again that alien contact can be full of misunderstandings, especially for the aliens. Again, we deliver a wide selection of stories that we hope will entertain, and possibly make you think a little.

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1 x 4 Issue Subscription (mobi)

A 4 Issue Subscription for MOBI format, as part of the Subscription Bundle #57-66. Subscription will commence with Issue #67.

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1 x ASM #64 (mobi)

Andromeda Spaceways Magazine goes virtual with its first electronic only publication! Marvel at the superbulous stylings of modern body fashions; tremble before the horrors that await you in the asteroid belt; spend the time over...and over...and over just to get things right; attach yourself to ghosts; contemplate a world that remembers plastic; or hey, why not swim with mermaids? Or more. Andromeda Spaceways gets you there... sooner or later.

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1 x ASM #65 (mobi)

Out here, on the galactic rim, we’ve left the zombie apocalypse far behind, we’ve put our monsters out for the night, and now we have time for stories. We always need time for stories. They throw a light on our minds and make the dark less dark. Plus, they make us laugh. Here's just some of what to expect: “Merzy Doates” has fun with words, a magician who likes to drink, a crowbar, and an evil book. The title “Cuz Girl, U Know We’re Technocidal” is like a whole story by itself, but if you’ve ever wanted to smash a device in rage then you know what technocidal means. Chaim, in “The Dybbuk’s Moll” also loves music, he hears it in the rain that makes a rhythm behind the voices talking to him, but he’s blind with love and making some bad choices; maybe he should be listening to the words instead of the rhythms. “Icaro” shows us some Latin rhythms but, you know, in ballroom dancing you keep your feet on the ground... The beauty of “Watercress Soup is in the gentle, compassionate response when things go wrong. “The Dawn of the Darkship shows a generation ship in the dark between galaxies. Out there, where they thought nothing at all existed, or could exist, something is hungry. “The City of Osman” harks back to Tales of Arabian Nights, with an old man who binds djinn. Some of the djinn are mighty, but it’s the spoilt princess who is really difficult. “Bygone” takes a look at saying goodbye, and hanging on, and tinkering. Another story without immediate conflict, but an undercurrent of steady, resigned, courage.

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1 x ASM #66 (mobi)

Issue #66 of Andromeda Spaceways Magazine is a feast of delights for your mind. Read the humorous story “The Spectre in the Wardrobe” to learn how an innocent land owner reacts to a ghost in his new home—with the support of his caretaker, his caretaker’s wife and plenty of tea. “The Banksia Boys” evokes the way it feels to be a young boy living in the hot Australian bush, surrounded by banksia trees and coping with a difficult life—but he gets some unexpected help. “The Apocalypse and Mondays Always Get Me Down,” shows that a supervillain may not be as one dimensional as you would expect. And our cover story “The Magpie Bridge” is a bittersweet story of love between an alien goddess and a cowherd. But there’s more. Much more. There are stories of adventure, sadness, humour and horror as well as pictures, poems to tease your imagination and reviews to point you to the best and most entertaining books.

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1 x ASM #67 (mobi)

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1 x ASM #68 (mobi)

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1 x ASM #69 (mobi)

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1 x ASM #70 (mobi)

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