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1 x ASIM #54 (print)

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1 x ASIM #55 (print)

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1 x ASIM #56 (print)

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1 x ASIM #57 (print)

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1 x ASIM #58 (print)

Edited by Edwina Harvey. Stories by Steven Pirie, Marie Alafaci, Ian McHugh, TL Fordwalker, Felicity Pulman, Simon Petrie, Robert Porteus, Renee Hall, Liz Colter, Annabel Acton, Jennifer Lott, Pete Mawhinney, Robert J McCarter, and Nigel Brown. Poetry by Brit Mandelo, Leslie Anderson and Alexandra Seidel.

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1 x ASIM #59 (print)

Edited by David Kernot "...yes we had zombies." Stories by Gitte Christensen, Evan Dicken, Charlotte Nash, Michael Shone, Preston Dennett, Laura DeHaan, Jessica Meddows, Sharon J Gochenour, David Steffen, JJ Roth, Nicholas P Oakley and Steve Cameron. Poetry by Caitlin Cooke, James Rowe and Tom Byers.

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1 x ASIM #60 (print)

Edited by Sue Bursztynski and includes strange new worlds, vampires, mythology, black holes, first contact and Mars. "There's something here for everyone—science fiction, fantasy and horror, from the seriously thoughtful to the whimsical to the laugh-out-loud funny."

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1 x ASIM #61 (print)

ASIM #61 has arrived on the launch pad, packed with fiction, poetry and nonfic from David Barber, Mark Bondurant, Fred Coppersmith, A J Fitzwater, Kim Gaal, Sinthia J Higgen-Bottom, Kathleen Jennings, Ambelin Kwaymullina, Rich Larson, Sean Monaghan, Charlotte Nash, Patrice Sarath, George S Walker, and Sean Williams.

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1 x ASIM #62 (print)

Andromeda Spaceways is proud to announce the arrival of issue #62 of our Inflight Magazine. We've got a fantastic selection of stories that include talking dogs, genies, football-loving leprechauns, sunken treasure, ice-planets and much more—including an interview with Australian author Isobelle Carmody! So run to the docking bay to get your copy!

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1 x ASIM #63 (print)

ASIM #63 opens with a future where mining is still dangerous, but where sacrifice is not forgotten. ‘Spindle’ offers a glimpse of life where some things never really change, even if you are orbiting a gas giant. ‘Fourteen seconds’ may not seem long, but a lot can happen, especially when you regularly teleport to work and a girl is involved. Trevor Jess’ first publication, ‘Time Booth’ explores, as he puts it, the question of ‘if people could travel through time just as easily as using a phone booth, what would they use it for?’ Indeed. ‘Teething Problems’ and ‘Out Beyond the Naughty Step’ take the zombie problem a little further, with interesting consequences. Then there is ‘Snap’ where the abuse of power can have devastating consequences. Finally, ‘Lost in Translation’ proves yet again that alien contact can be full of misunderstandings, especially for the aliens. Again, we deliver a wide selection of stories that we hope will entertain, and possibly make you think a little.

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