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2016’s Best Stories


This is a special print-only edition. Only a limited number will be printed. Only a few left.

Release date: mid-September 2017


We are very proud to announce the first edition of our ‘Best Stories’ series.

Picking the best stories is always a very subjective endeavour. It’s amazing to see how varied opinions can be, but it’s also gratifying when we all agree that some stories reach across that subjective divide, to land on the pages of 2016’s Best Stories.

Franz Kafka is famously quoted for saying that a book must be the axe for the frozen sea within us, that something worthy of reading is that which wounds or stabs us, wakes us up with a blow to the head, like McKinley Valentine’s ‘The City of Osman’ does with its drunken gardens, golden walks and Moonsugars.

In selecting our ‘Best Stories,’ we sought those stories that churned us inside out, fuelled our imaginative thinking and enhanced our perception of the world here and the creations of otherworldly realms—like those we encountered in Janet K Nicolson’s ‘Dawn of the Darkship’ with the fate of humanity on the brink. We found heroes in the characters we came across, like the light and shade in Christopher Ruz’s ‘Pan,’ and we sought to share these beings with you.

In this offering of speculative fiction, our authors started with ‘what if?’ and transported us to an infinite boundary. Approach with an open mind, savour the prose, be prepared to be astonished.


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(155 pages, perfect-bound paperback).


Pan by Christopher Ruz

I Never Touch the Stuff by Paul Starr

Dawn of the Darkship by Janet K Nicolson

Harmless by Melanie Rees

There I Was on the Border Checkpoint by Andrei Seleznev

The Dybbuk’s Moll by Jeff Soesbe

Fourteen Seconds by Carolyn Denman

The City of Osman by McKinley Valentine

Cuz Girl, U Know We’re Technocidal by Rhoads Brazos

Saturday Night Genocide by Dominic Dulley

Watercress Soup by Tamlyn Dreaver

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