Book and Other Reviews

Issue #72 (September 2018):

The Hills of Mare Imbrium — Carleton Chinner

The Last Iteration — Mel Arthur

The Willow by Your Side — Peter Haynes

Issue #71 (June 2018):

Grimbargo – Laura Morrison

Dying & Other Stories – Eugen Bacon

The Berlin Project – Gregory Benford

Shadow Life – Jason Mather

Issue #70 (March 2018):

Playback, Jury of the Heart — Ivory Snow

Sixth Prime — Dan O’Brien

Smoke City — Keith Rosson

Infractus — Sarah L Johnson

Cerberus Rex — Jason Hardcastle

Issue #69 (December 2017):

The Year of the Knife — GD Penman

Revolution 2050 — Jay Chalk

My Shadow Book by Maawaan — Jordan A Rothacker [ed]

Broadcast — Liam Brown

Issue #68 (September 2017):

Alien Philosophy: I Infest, Therefore I Am — Jeffrey Ewing and Kevin S Decker [eds]

Harlequin’s Riddle — Rachel Nightingale

Spectra (Ebony Olson)

Year of the Orphan (Daniel Findlay)

Issue #67 (June 2017):

The Alchemists of Kush — Minister Faust

Quantum Night (Robert J Sawyer)

The Seven (Peter Newman)

Traveller – Inceptio (Rob Shackleford)

Issue #66 (March


Pseudotooth Review — Verity Holloway

The Dancer — Rab Ferguson

The Speckled God — Marc Joan

The Last Machine in the Solar System — Matthew Isaac Sobin

Issue #65 (December 2016):

Metronome — Oliver Langmead

Tallwood — Amanda Kool

To the Land of the Electric Angel — William Rotsler

The Malice — Peter Newman