Why submissions from writers and artists who subscribe are given priority…

Andromeda Spaceways Editorial team gives priority to writers and artists who are also subscribers to Andromeda Spaceways Magazine.

What does this mean?
Andromeda Spaceways Magazine (ASM) gets lots of submissions, more than it can publish. This means a rigorous process of picking the best stories. But even good stories don’t make it into ASM. Giving subscribers priority means rewarding writers and artists for their support for ASM, while maintaining a high standard of assessment of all submissions. Subscribers are not identified during the assessment process, so all stories must still meet ASM assessment standards.

Why do we want writers and artists to subscribe?
1. Because we believe good writers should be reading what other writers are producing.
2. We want as big an audience as possible for our writers.
3. We want to keep publishing ASM for years to come and can only do that if we have plenty of subscribers. (And hopefully increase pay rates too.)

What if I don’t subscribe?
Nothing really. All stories will be assessed according to ASM’s blind selection process.

And we’ll never publish a story we don’t love just because a subscriber submitted it.

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