Crew Roles

The current list of (unpaid) staff at Andromeda Spaceways is:


Editors (forthcoming issues):

#73 Tom Dullemond (December 2018)

#74 Amy Gordon (March 2019)

#75 Joel Schanke (June 2019)

#76 Tom Dullemond (September 2019)

#77 Jessica Nelson (December 2019)


Enquiries/Advertising           Terry Wood

Art Director         Vacant

Reviews Editor   Joel Schanke

Submissions       Wayne Harris/Samantha Ryder

Subscriptions      Terry Wood

Website                Amy Gordon

All ably assisted by a horde of submission readers who shall forever remain nameless in keeping with the anonymity that their work requires. (But you can find them in the Acknowledgements section of each issue.)


Andromeda Spaceways Publishing Incorporated

Current members of the Association are:

Tom Dullemond (QLD)

Anthony Ferguson (WA)

Amy Gordon (SA)

Wayne Harris (NSW)

Jessica Nelson (NSW)

Samantha Ryder (NSW)

Rebekah Satterwhite (USA)

Joel Schanke (USA)

Terry Wood (QLD)