2017’s Best Stories…

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Polaroid Land by Edd Vick

They say photos come alive, but when they really do life will never be the same. For Piet and Sarah, an unexpected encounter meant a second chance…

The Missing Years by Lyn Battersby

An alien invasion and a world-wide compulsion to sacrifice new-borns.

The Spectre in the Wardrobe by Tony Owens

When a dead sea captain flies out of your wardrobe, what do you do? Hire a one-eyed exorcist, of course…

Suvu and Swashbuckling Love by D A Xiaolin Spires

We spend so many hours with our pocket supercomputers, glancing at that glowing glass rectangle and pouring love through it into a world of friends and information. But on the other side, our artificially intelligent companions are trying to love us back. Sometimes that’s just harder than it should be.

The DeRoss Files by Miranda Geer

When your childhood friend is an Anchored Entity, and really really doesn’t want you getting hurt, the Department of Uncanny Child Welfare steps in to keep an eye on things. This dossier holds important information about The Sticky Man, in case one of your own children encounters an imaginary friend.

Trapping Troubles by Kathryn Yelinek

A magical trap that whisks away your pest and weed problems, and rewards you in return? Sounds like a dream come true. But what do you do when the problems get really big? Or when you start running out of problems and the trap is still hungry?

Shift 57 by Nicholas Stella

An enhanced level of human productivity bleeds out from the inter-dimensional trenches of a plague-stricken future. To truly live, you must hitch a ride on Shift 57, a mythical—and retching—journey to a dimension rumoured to be inhabited with life unlike any seen in this withering example of a world. Sometimes myths are better left unexplored, though; what remains of hope when it crumbles down around you?

Marbles by Teresa Milbrodt

It’s not easy to say ‘I love you,’ especially when your emotions are swallowed by day and regurgitated by night. But when it does come time to say those three words, you’ll never be sure if that odd feeling in your stomach is too much pizza and ice cream.

Hamelin’s Graves by Freya Marske

When the Piper left Hamelin, not all the children could keep up. Carry was that girl, and she lives on in Hamelin with the voice of her best friend in her head. When a new plague befalls the city, she has to strike another bargain with the Piper.

The Rabbi’s Daughter by Sean Mulroy

Miriam was much loved by her father and sought by a stranger who would do anything to learn her secret.

Living Will by Brandon Alspaugh

The three most powerful people on Earth bend their wills and fortunes to just one goal: clinging to life at all costs. Over the centuries they cast off shells and personalities and entire planets in service of that goal. What is it all worth, in the end, if there is no end?


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