2016’s Best Stories…

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Pan by Christopher Ruz

Before Wendy, Matthew and John Darling met Peter Pan, there were the Lost Boys of Neverland. This is their story, and the story of one particular boy—Jimmy—who learns about the secret, darker side of the boy who never grew up.

I Never Touch the Stuff by Paul Starr

How much do you love your favourite brand? Nancy Hardes is a marketing wizard and expert in data-driven design psychology, and she’s wanted by advertisers, revolutionaries and federal agents alike. Paul Starr marries marketing science to emotion in I Never Touch the Stuff.

Dawn of the Darkship by Janet K Nicolson

A story of courage and friendship. A luminous shard of rock swells into an influx of death-causing crystallites in a darkship travelling for millennia. As humans evolve and the ocean is incessantly a space between galaxies, a sightless is summoned to be a hero in Janet K Nicolson’s post-apocalyptic Dawn of the Darkship.

Harmless by Melanie Rees

“He’s just a boy.” Mum never let him have a puppy. And now he’s on the run, cursed with an imagination that turns every thought into reality. You’ve got to stop him, but he’s just a child. He’s harmless, really, so why is it that you suddenly have always wanted a puppy?

There I was on the Border Checkpoint by Andrei Seleznev

Smuggling your love-interest out of Russia is hard enough, but when immigration literally becomes an endless cycle, you have to start taking control of your destiny before you catch too many bullets. Andrei Seleznev explores the worst kind of ‘Groundhog Day’ in There I was on the Border Checkpoint.

The Dybbuk’s Moll by Jeff Soesbe

Gargoyles and demons… Rico Cardellini is a dead man. A Frank Sinatra type melodious aura in the smoky hues of the Blue Moon with its cool licks of a clarinet as the Fabulous Fellows tear through the glitzy tunes of ‘Swing and Stomp’. An ancient spell under the stone eyes of a golem brings to life a hulk assassin that wreaks havoc. But in Jeff Soesbe’s The Dybbuk’s Moll not all is what it seems…

Fourteen Seconds by Carolyn Denman

It takes Tabito only fourteen seconds to travel from Melbourne to Epacris. That may not seem a long time, but a lot can happen, especially when you regularly teleport to work and a girl is involved.

Cuz Girl, U Know Were Technocidal by Rhoads Brazos

It isn’t easy playing in a band. Dealing with your bandmate’s egos, hustling for paid gigs, groupies… not to mention navigating the technocalypse. Rhoads Brazos takes us on tour in a mule-drawn El Camino backed by a (fully licensed) hand-cranked phonograph. You can’t stop the music, but you may lose a few bandmates along the way.

Saturday Night Genocide by Dominic Dulley

This Saturday night, tune into the sensation that’s sweeping the nation. That’s right, ‘Points of Divergence’ is back! Watch the butterfly effect in action as we go back in history, change one small event and see what happens. Join your host Pilgrim Lombardo as he takes you through the fantastic consequences such as plague, fire, famine and nuclear winter—but don’t worry, it all happens on a parallel world that’s created for your viewing pleasure! See you there… on Dominic Dulley’s Saturday Night Genocide.

Watercress Soup by Tamlyn Dreaver

Clara’s oven had not worked properly for a long time. But she didn’t mind since it always gave her great meals. But when her son became deathly ill, the oven provided more than just good food. Next time you check the oven, make sure it’s not a time portal

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